01 March 2022

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health, Psychology and Relationship Resources
Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” — Fred Rogers

"Knowledge is power and the pen is indeed mightier than the sword." ― Vernon Chalmers

The Mental Health, Psychology and Relationship Resources section is a dynamic and informative listing of an extensive range of self and relationship management resources / guidelines.

Mental Health, Psychology and Relationship Resources
The extensive resources and guidelines are now inclusive of many new Psychology and Relationship online article links and / or downloadable PDF documents. 

I have included a wide range of article links for assisting anyone searching for free reputable online relationship management and / or personal trauma resources.

The new  DSM-5-TR™ Manual and DSM-5-TR™ Collection will be For Sale from March 2022
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Philosophy Resources
For placing knowledge and understanding (of the self in relation to society) in a broader cognitive awareness context I have added a brief personal book / article selection on Western philosophy.

Free Promotion and Placement of relevant Psychology and Relationship Support Resources
Interested authors, educators, practitioners, publishers, life coaches and / or organisations are welcome to consider a no-cost promotion and publication of related international resources (new books / workbooks / manuals / articles / article URL's / media releases / statistics) on this website.

I will consider each request individually in evaluating the opportunity for both the external publisher and the active Mental Health and Motivation reader market for possible publication. More information

Mental Health and Psychology Support Resources

Abuse and Domestic Violence >>
Domestic and Relationship Violence : Abuse and Violence against Men and Women

Personal Boundaries and Relationship Codependency: Relationship / Self Control

Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships : Understand your Own Conflicting Attitudes, Beliefs and Values 

Emotional Intelligence : Understanding Your Own and the Emotions of Others. Toxic Emotions

Emotion Regulation >>
Emotion Regulation Resources. Emotion Regulation Skills. Practising Emotion Regulation

Emotional Well-Being >>
What is Emotional Well-Being? Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Compassion, Empathy and Love : Understanding and Managing Respectful Relationships

Fear and Anxiety >>
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in Self / Relationships

Forgiveness : How to Forgive Others and Self (after Traumatic Relationships / Behaviour)

Gratitude : Importance of Being Thankful and to Appreciate Goodwill. Lack of Gratitude

Grief and Loss : Coping and Understanding Loss / Losing Love. Anticipating and Coping with Loss

Healing and Growth : Letting Go of the Past. Healing and Freedom after an Abuse Relationship

Meditation and Mindfulness Resources : Living In The Present Moment

Android and Apple Apps for Mental Health and Well Being 

Mental Health Awareness. Importance of Mental Health. Mental Health Statistics

Mental Health and Nutrition >>
Mental Health and Nutrition. Cooking and Diet for Mental Health 

Mental Health Online Checklists and Tests >>
Mental Health Online Checklists, Tests and Questionnaires. Please read Disclaimers 

Mental Health Stigma. Discrimination and the Understanding of the Impact of Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health Support Groups and Discussion Forums >>
Mental Health Support Groups : Discussion Forums for Family Members, Partners and Friends

Mental Health Videos >>
Educational Videos Linked to Various Topics on this Website

Motivation and Positive Mindset : Skills Development for Self-Motivation

Nervous Breakdown >>
Nervous / Mental Breakdown. Symptoms. Nervous Breakdown and Recovery   

Neuropsychology >>
Neuropsychology : Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Brain, Mind and Society

Personal Well-Being Development. Self-focus, Healthy Habits and Personal Growth

Personality Disorders >>
Personality / Mental Disorders listed on this website (for informational purposes only)

Philosophy Books and Online Resources. What is Philosophy? Western Philosophy

Psychology and Psychopathology : Personality Disorder Traits / Personality Disorders

What is Psychotherapy?  Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy

Shame and Guilt >>
Shame and Guilt Resources. The Difference and Relationship Between Shame and Guilt

Social Media and Mental Health >>
Effect of Social Media on Mental Health. Effect of Social Media on Mental Health

Benefits of Solitude : The Importance of Being on your Own
Stress Management and Relationship Stress >>
Stress Management : How to Cope with Stress. Relationship Stress and Anxiety

Stop Addiction and Bad Habits >>
Addiction : Bad Habits. How to Break the Cycle. Break Free from Addiction

Substance and Alcohol Abuse >>
Substance Abuse : Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Anxiety, Detoxification and Withdrawal

Suicide Prevention>>
Suicide and Suicide Prevention Resources : Prevention, Information and Reports

Therapeutic Journaling >> 
Mental Health Benefits of Therapeutic Journaling. Creative Writing

Time Management >>
Time Management Resources. The Benefits of Effective Time Management

Trauma and Mental Health >>
Mental Health and Trauma Resources. Trauma after Domestic Abuse and Violence

What is Mental Health? >>
What is Mental Health? : Importance of Mental Health

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