01 March 2023

Mental Health Dissertation and Thesis Downloads

International Mental Health PDF Dissertation and Thesis Downloads

Mental Health Dissertation and Thesis Downloads

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation." – Glenn Close

International Mental Health Dissertations and Theses (PhD / Doctoral)

Mental Health Masters Dissertations and Theses 

PhD / Doctoral Theses in Psychiatry and Psychology

A qualitative Study of Mental Health Experiences and College Student Identity Smith College

A Qualitative Study of Mental Health Explanatory Models, and the Perceived Impact of Life Experiences on Mental Health, in HIV Infected Adolescents in Rural and Urban Uganda University of Cape Town

An Evaluation of the Attitudes, Beliefs, and Mental Health Literacy of Young African American College Graduates University of Southern Mississippi

An Exploration of Adolescents’ Experiences of Mental Health University College London

An Investigation into the Prediction and Promotion of Specific Self-Esteem Domains in Adolescents University of Sheffield

An Investigation of the Experiences of Graduate Students with a Mental Health Condition University of Toronto

An Exploration of Young People’s Views and Understanding of Mental Health Difficulties Staffordshire University

Aspects of Positive and Negative Mental Health in Young People, Aged 16-29 Years: Measurements, Determinants, and Interventions Karolinska Institutet / ResearchGate

Cannabis, Identity and the Male Teenage Friendship Group Manchester Metropolitan University

Clinical Psychology Masters Theses Collection University of Massachusetts

Community and Family Health Theses and Dissertations University of South Florida

Counseling Psychology and Special Education Theses and Dissertations Brigham Young University

Doctoral Portfolio in Counselling Psychology University of Wolverhampton

Doctoral Thesis: A Qualitative Study to Investigate in what ways are the Distinctive Features of Synchronous Text-Based Counselling Experienced as being Helpful and/or Unhelpful by Young People? University of Roehampton, London

Doctoral Thesis: The Experience of Being a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from a Black and Minority Ethnic Group: A Qualitative Study University of Hertfordshire

Exploring Mental Health and Potential Health Assets in Young People Halmstad University

Identity and Community Psychology: A Study of Psychologists and Trainees in the Western Cape University of Stellenbosch

Mental Health and Health Care Utilization among Transition Age Youth University of Minnesota

Mental Health and Recidivism California State University, Stanislaus

Mental Health Literacy, Stigma, and Attitudes toward Help-seeking at School for Asian and Latino-American Adolescents University of Maryland

Mental Health Research Topics Mental Health and Motivation

PhD Thesis in Psychiatry: Mental Health and Employment Amongst Persons Who Resettled In Sweden in 1993 - 1994 Due to The War in Bosnia Herzegovina ResearchGate

Positive Mental Health: Measurement, Relevance and Implications University of Twente

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology Thesis Portfolio London Metropolitan University

Psychology Dissertations and Theses Portland State University

Psychology Theses and Dissertations Laurier

Psychology Theses and Dissertations University of Limpopo, South Africa

Psychosocial and Mental Health Challenges of International Students Compared to British Students in UK universities University of Bedfordshire

Rethinking the Nature of Mental Disorder: A Latent Structure Approach to Data from Three National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys University College London

Stress and Coping in Mental Health Nurses University of London

Social Exclusion and Mental Health Challenges: Exploring the experiences of Mental Health Challenges among University Students from Marginalised Backgrounds University of Cape Town

The Relationship between the Wellness Management and Recovery Program and Physical Health University of Toledo

Young People’s Mental Health Service Use and Pathways to Care McGill University, Montreal

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