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31 December 2022

Bipolar Disorder and Empathy

 Bipolar Disorder and Empathy Awareness, Information, Research and Resources

Bipolar Disorder and Empathy

“Telling someone who is manic that she's manic is like telling a dictator that he's a dick. Neither is going to admit it, and both are willing to torture you to prove their points.” ― Melody Moezzi

Bipolar Disorder and Empathy Awareness

Bipolar Disorder and Empathy Research

Altered Empathy-related Resting-state Functional Connectivity in Patients with Bipolar Disorder Springer

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Characterization and Interrelationships of Theory of Mind, Socially Competitive Emotions and Affective Empathy in Bipolar Disorder British Journal of Clinical Psychology

Developing Empathy for People with Bipolar Disorder Through Interactive Performance PDF Download ScienceOpen 

Do People with Bipolar Disorder have a Lack of Empathy? Cambridge University Press

Decreased Empathy Response to other People’s Pain in Bipolar Disorder: Evidence from an Event-Related Potential Study NIH

Deficits in Explicit Emotion Regulation in Bipolar Disorder: A Systematic Review NIH

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How specific are emotional deficits? A comparison of empathic abilities in schizophrenia, bipolar and depressed patients Elsevier

Increased Affective Empathy in Bipolar Patients during a Manic Episode NIH

Neuropsychological Evidence of Impaired Cognitive Empathy in Euthymic Bipolar Disorder Psychiatry Online

Patients with Bipolar Disorders Exhibit Impaired Resting-state Functional Connectivity Relating to Empathy Chinese Academy of Sciences

Risk or Resilience? Empathic Abilities in Patients with Bipolar Disorders and their First-Degree Relatives Science Direct

The Forgotten Affective Route of Social Cognition in Patients with Bipolar Disorders Sage Journals

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01 December 2022

Bipolar Disorder Resources

Awareness, Symptoms and Treatment of Bipolar Personality Disorder

Bipolar Disorder: Mental Health and Motivation

"At times, being bipolar can be an all-consuming challenge, requiring a lot of stamina and even more courage, so if you’re living with this illness and functioning at all, it’s something to be proud of, not ashamed of."― Carrie Fisher
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Living with Bipolar Disorder

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Living with Bipolar: A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Disorder
by Lesley Berk / Michael Berk / David Castle / Sue Lauder

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