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Vernon Chalmers Reflections of my Life

"I can only be responsible for my own behaviour and character, either in relationship with other people and / or when I am on my own." — Vernon Chalmers

'Reflections of My Life' is the personal reflections by Vernon Chalmers in terms of his understanding and interpretations of various experiences in his life with regard to Love, Loss, Photography, Psychology, and a Sense of Self.

The 'Reflections of My Life' online journaling is assisting me in many ways for coming to terms with two major personal losses I have experienced during 2021 / 2022 and to provide definite content, context and reference to my sense of self in dealing with the aftermath of an abusive relationship.

I also share my thoughts and strategy on my Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) share investment and CFD Trading Journey and CFD Portfolio Performance.

'Reflections of My Life' is not in any part about the judgement of someone else's character (in relation to me), but rather a description of (pathological) behaviour, homicidal tendencies and / or personality disorder traits as perceived and experienced by me in spending time in various personal relationships.

The discussions of Love and Loss are my own interpretations and experiences throughout my life - either through people close to me I lost along the way - grieving their unconditional love or significant other(s) that I have lost through their conditional expectations, intolerable abusive behaviour and / or unfortunate emotional disconnect.       

Personality Disorder Traits / Psychopathy Traits: Disclaimer and Reference
References to (any) perceived personality disorder traits / psychopathy traits mentioned anywhere on the "Reflections of My Life' website are not specifically directed to disrespect or being vindictive against anyone that was in close relation to me. It is rather a reference to certain actions / reactions that were identified / experienced (by me) as unacceptable pathological behavioural manifestations through physical, psychological and / or verbal abuse intended to harm me, either intentionally or unintentionally against my character, integrity and personal values.

Interest in Motivation and Psychology (Theory and Application)
Over the years I have studied / facilitated / read the motivational theories of Herzberg, Maslow, McClelland, Skinner and Vroom and the psychoanalytical approaches of Frankl, Freud, Hare, Jung, Kernberg, Klein, Kohut and Miller. I'm particularly interested in Otto Kernberg's psychoanalytical perspectives (with specific reference to borderline personality organisation, narcissistic pathology and object relations theory). During 2020 I was introduced to the 'Compassionate Inquiry' work of Dr. Gabor Maté - renown international addiction and trauma expert - for his psychotherapeutic approach towards a pragmatic understanding of addiction and trauma. 

Vernon Chalmers CFD Portfolio / Financial Information Disclaimer
I (only) manage my own CFD / Global Share / Unit Trust Portfolios and under no circumstances make any recommendations on the Purchase / Selling of any JSE / Global Shares / CFDs / other Derivatives. CFD Portfolio profit / loss calculations and representations are based on daily / weekly / monthly / annual pricing statistics obtained from my own personal Online Share Trading account. The financial / pricing information and / or statistics on this website (or any Vernon Chalmers Social Media) are not intended for decision-making purposes or for the design, planning and / or management of any other Derivative and / or Share Trading Portfolio. Please see my note on CFD Trading Risk.

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