01 November 2022

Mental Health and the Limbic System

Mental Health and the Limbic System, Awareness, Information and Research

Mental Health and the Limbic System

"Emotional life grows out of an area of the brain called the limbic system, specifically the amygdala, whence come delight and disgust and fear and anger." -
Nancy Gibbs

Functions of the Limbic System

Limbic Brain System Structures / Research

Limbic System and Emotions

Limbic System and Trauma Management

Aberrant Limbic Brain Structures in Young Individuals at Risk for Mental Illness PCN

Childhood Maltreatment, Limbic Dysfunction, Resilience, and Psychiatric Symptoms Sage Journals

Do You Need an Emotional Detox? Five Signs and Their Symptoms Spirituality and Health

Early Life Adversities and Borderline Intellectual Functioning Negatively Impact Limbic System Connectivity in Childhood: A Connectomics-Based Study Frontiers in Psychiatry

Early Life Stress modulates oxytocin effects on Limbic System during acute Psychosocial Stress Oxford Academic

Evidence for Evolutionary Specialization in Human Limbic Structures Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Growth of prefrontal and Limbic Brain regions and Anxiety Disorders in Children born very Preterm Cambridge University Press

How Limbic System Therapy Can Help Resolve Trauma NICABM

How the Limbic System Works: Functions of the Limbic System MasterClass

Is a Limbic System Impairment Hijacking Your Health? Institute for Restorative Health

Limbic Brain Structures and Burnout - A Systematic Review ResearchGate

Limbic System Anatomy Ken Hub

Limbic System Disorders Dr. Axe
  • Disinhibited behavior
  • Increased anger and violence
  • Hyperarousal
  • Hypoarousal
  • Hyperorality/Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
  • Appetite dysregulation
  • Trouble forming memories
  • Cognitive disorders

Limbic System Disorders: What is Limbic ADD? Drake Institute of Neurophysical Medicine

Limbic System and Behavior News Medical Life Sciences

Limbic System: Definition, Parts, Functions, and Location Simply Psychology

Limbic System Impairment and How it Affects Your Life Re-origin

Limbic System Trauma Loops Mental Health and Motivation

Long-Term Effects of Acute Stress on the Prefrontal-Limbic System in the Healthy Adult Plos One

Neuroplasticity, Emotional Healing, and Chronic Illness California Center for Functional Medicine 

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The Limbic System: An Anatomic, Phylogenetic, and Clinical Perspective Psychiatry Online

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The limbic System: A Review of its Empirical Foundation Science Direct

The Limbic System in Youth Depression: Brain Structural and Functional Alterations in Adolescent In-patients with Severe Depression Nature

The Role of Limbic System Irritability in Linking History of Childhood Maltreatment and Psychiatric Outcomes in Low-Income, High-Risk Women: Moderation by FKBP5 NIH

Understanding the Effects of Maltreatment on Brain Development PDF Download Child Welfare

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White Matter Microstructure of the Extended Limbic System in Male and Female Youth with Conduct Disorder Cambridge Core

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