10 September 2023

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"Mental health… is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going." — Noam Shpancer, PhD

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Mental Health Research Resources
There are several resources available for mental health research that can provide valuable information, data, and support. Here are some key resources you can explore:

1. Research Databases: Utilize research databases to access a wide range of academic journals, articles, and studies related to mental health research. Some popular databases include PubMed, PsycINFO, Google Scholar, and Scopus. These platforms allow you to search for specific topics, keywords, and authors to find relevant research papers.

2. Mental Health Organizations and Institutes: Various mental health organizations and institutes conduct and publish research in the field. Examples include the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), World Health Organization (WHO), American Psychiatric Association (APA), and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Visit their websites to explore research publications, reports, and resources related to mental health.

3. Open Access Journals: Open access journals provide free access to their published articles, making them widely available to researchers and the general public. Examples of open access journals in mental health include PLOS ONE, BMC Psychiatry, Frontiers in Psychology, and Journal of Mental Health. These journals can be valuable sources for up-to-date research in the field.

4. Research Institutes and Universities: Universities and research institutes often have dedicated departments or centers focused on mental health research. These institutions conduct studies, publish research papers, and may offer resources such as literature reviews, toolkits, and data sets. Explore the websites of renowned institutions known for their mental health research, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Oxford.

5. ClinicalTrials.gov: This online database maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine provides information on clinical trials conducted worldwide. It includes studies related to mental health interventions, treatments, and therapies. Researchers can search for ongoing and completed trials, access study protocols, and learn about participant recruitment.

6. Mental Health Journals: Subscribe to and regularly review mental health journals to stay updated on the latest research in the field. Some prominent journals include JAMA Psychiatry, The Lancet Psychiatry, Psychological Medicine, and Journal of Abnormal Psychology. These journals publish original research articles, review papers, and meta-analyses.

7. Professional Associations: Joining professional associations and societies related to mental health research can provide access to resources, conferences, and networking opportunities. Examples include the American Psychological Association (APA), the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD), and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA).

8. Mental Health Data and Statistics: Data and statistics play a crucial role in mental health research. Organizations like the WHO, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and national health departments often publish data and statistics related to mental health conditions, prevalence rates, and treatment outcomes. These resources can provide valuable information for research purposes.

Remember to critically evaluate the sources you use, consider the credibility of the authors and publishers, and cite your references properly to maintain academic integrity. Additionally, consult with academic advisors, librarians, and fellow researchers in the mental health field to discover additional resources specific to your research interests." (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

A Quantitative Study on the response of youth regarding Mental Health based on their Experience Research Gate
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Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy: A Meta Analytic Review (Dissertation)  University of Manitoba

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Critical Perspective on Mental Health News in Six European Countries: How Are “Mental Health/Illness” and “Mental Health Literacy” Rhetorically Constructed? Sage

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5-TR™ More Information

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Exploring the Perceptions of Professionals regarding Children's Mental Health: An Exploratory Study using Focus Groups Caroline King The University of Birmingham PDF Download

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General Psychiatry: A Psychiatry Journal Publishing Leading Research on Mental Health Topics relevant to Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals. Open Access Journal BMJ

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Global Strategy on Digital Health 2020-2025 PDF Download WHO
Health Law Research Guide: Mental Health / Psychiatry Pace University

How Applied Research Is Used in Psychology Verywell mind

How to Write an INTRODUCTION Chapter (of a Thesis) Live Innovation

Impact of Mental Health Research in Sociology: Nearly Four Decades of Research 1975-2011 ResearchGate

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion Tech Science Press

International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience Open Access

International Journal of Culture and Mental Health Taylor & Francis Online

International Journal of Mental Health Systems BMC
International Mental Healthcare Challenges Mental Health and Motivation
Internet Journal of Mental Health: Clinical Psychology SJR

Internet Journal of Mental Health: Psychiatry and Mental Health SJR
Introduction to Mental Health Research University of Barcelona

Instructional Research on Mental Health Education for College Students from the Perspective of Positive Psychology Scientific Research

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Journals Relevant to Community Psychology Society for Community Research and Action

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Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services Healio Journals

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Mental Health: Can Research Shape Policy and Practice? HSR UK

Mental Health: New Study finds simply Believing you can do Something to Improve it is Linked with Higher Wellbeing The Conversation

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Mental Health Dissertation and Thesis Downloads Mental Health and Motivation

Mental Health Review Journal Research, Policy and Practice Emerald Insight
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Mental Health Research News Science Daily

Mental Health Research Topics Mental Health and Motivation

Mental Health Research Topics - University of Otago 

Mental Health Services in Canada: Barriers and Cost-effective Solutions to Increase Access
Sage Journals

Mental Health Topics and Resources for Patients and Families UCSF

Most Popular Articles Current Opinion in Psychiatry 

Motivation in the Dissertation Process Complete Dissertation

Narcissism and Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Review and an Agenda for Future Research
Frontiers in Psychology

Narcissism and Empathy Mental Health and Motivation

New Research Offers Insight Into The Origins Of Borderline Personality Disorder Forbes

Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology Unbound
  • BMC Psychiatry
  • Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
  • International Journal of Mental Health Systems
Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper USC Libraries

Participatory Action Research: Implications for Research and Evaluation in Psychiatric rehabilitation APA PsycNet

Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology Journals Johns Hopkins University Press

Popular Mental Health Research Paper Topics Paper Written

Positive Psychology and Gratitude Interventions: A Randomized Clinical Trial Frontiers

Prioritising Infant Mental Health: A Qualitative Study Examining Perceived Barriers and Enablers to Infant Mental Health Service Development in Scotland Perspectives

Psychiatric Disorders - Latest Research and News Nature Portfolio

Psychiatry Articles JAMA Psychiatry

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Psychiatry and Psychology Research Monash University
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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal American Psychological Association

Psychiatry Research Journals Elsevier

Psychiatry Research & Registry American Psychiatric Association

Psychology and Mental Health Care Journals Auctores

Psychology and Psychopathology Resources Mental Health and Motivation

Psychology Rehabilitation Resources Mental Health and Motivation

Psychological Disorders and Research Science Repository

Qualitative Research Methods for Mental Health in War and Conflict Future Learn

Qualitative Research Methods in Psychiatric Rehabilitation CCCU Research Space Repository

Qualitative Study of Mental Health Experiences and College Student Identity Smith College

Research Directions Related to Child Abuse and Neglect Springer Link

Research and Reports Mental Health America

Research Guides: Research Methods & Designs DSM-5-TR South Eastern Louisiana University

  • HCSRN Web Portal
  • Project Websites
  • Research Resources
  • Top Tools and Materials

Researching Mental Health Disorders in the Era of Social Media: Systematic Review JMIR 

Shared Goals for Mental Health Research: What, Why and When for the 2020s 

Science News about Mental Health Services Research NIH

Sociology of Mental Health Selected Topics from Forty Years 1970s -2010s Springer

Study shows Narcissistic Personality Disorder may have a Biological Component University of Chicago Medicine

Research: Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Stanford Medicine

Research Projects: Tackling Mental Illness Mental Health Research

Research and social media: A dangerous cocktail or a winged messenger? Science Nordic

Researching the researchers: psychological distress and psychosocial stressors according to career stage in mental health researchers BMC

Social Media Use and Its Connection to Mental Health: A Systematic Review NIH

South African Journal of Psychiatry AOSIS

The Importance of Mental Health Research and Evaluation Mental Health First Aid

The Internet Journal of Mental Health Internet Scientific Publications

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Wolters Kluwer

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead federal agency for research on mental disorders. NIH

The Use of Methods of Psychiatric Education in the Prevention of Mental Pathology by a Psychiatrist Outpatient Consultation Annals of Psychiatry and Treatment

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Top 10 Research Questions for Digital Mental Health The Mental Elf

Tips for Crafting a Psychology Research Paper Psychology.org

Understanding Mental Health in the Research Environment NIH

Understanding the Mental Health of Doctoral Researchers: A Mixed Methods Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis and Meta-Synthesis BMC

Understanding Mental Health in the Research Environment A Rapid Evidence Assessment
PDF Document Download

Updated DSM-5-TR™ Manual Mental Health and Motivation

Values and Methodologies for Social Research in Mental Health PDF Document Download

What New Research Is Telling Us About Narcissism Psychology Today

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Mental Health Research at the University of York UK - Video

Mental Health Scholarships 2024 / 2025

International Mental Health Student and Study Scholarships 2024 / 2025

Mental Health Scholarships 2024

Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”― Roy T. Bennett

Financial Study Aid 2024 / 2025

International Mental Health Scholarships 2024 / 2025

Mental Health Scholarships 2024 / 2025

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2024 LSHTM Fund Scholarship London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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2024 / 2025 Financial Aid and Grants

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It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” ― Santosh Kalwar

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A Love Palm called Gratitude

Love at First Sight - A Corner Filled with Gratitude

Vernon Chalmers Love Palm Gratitude
A Love Palm Called Gratitude
The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.” ― C. JoyBell C.

You learn something valuable from all of the significant events and people, but you never touch your true potential until you challenge yourself to go beyond imposed limitations.” ― Roy T. Bennett

After leaving an abusive relationship two years ago I came home to witness that my once healthy love palm, in a corner of my lounge, was more than looking somewhat dejected. It was on it's last few leaves and close to the end of plant life. What a (preventable) shame... 

With a somber sense of sadness I gazed out the window over Table Bay towards a leafy Cape Town suburb where I was living without any real reciprocal feeling and / or gratitude for about 3 months during the Covid lockdown. The plant represented the desolation and grief I felt after emerging from the clutches of narcissistic abuse. I felt more than guilty for neglecting my palm for such an extensive period.

In the absence of (human) gratitude

Over the next few weeks while I was coming to terms with my failed relationship I tried everything ro revive my once flourishing palm. I went to the nursery for advice and was recommended a few growth remedies. Unfortunately the palm did not survive any recovery interventions and its removal (after more than 10 years) from the clay pot was done with a heavy heart.

On the same day I went back to the nursery and purchased a small love palm as a replacement to re-pot a tiny palm into the big empty pot. I was advised against this tactic. It was recommended to keep it in its small plastic pot and do a gradual replant over a longer period. The assistant told me that 'my small palm, big pot' idea may perhaps be just too overwhelming for the young plant to handle its vulnerable growth phase. He said 'it could end-up like a heart transplant going wrong - the shock to the change may be too big to handle for the small palm'.

I believed him, just the sheer difference in pot and plant size was enough evidence to be patient with my re-potting scheme, but I was adamant to make this project work as soon as possible. Probably just as much as I wanted my relationship to work - which of course under any circumstances would not be possible. With potential failure in the back of my mind I went back home and immediately repotted the small palm in its new big home.

After the re-potting I looked at the tiny love palm in the big pot and aptly named the plant, Gratitude. For the gratitude I never received and all the relationship lessons I was busy learning. I vowed to look after this love palm and challenged myself to see who will grow the fasted. Over the next few weeks I worked out a light and watering strategy and watch very carefully how the love palm was settling into its new environment.

Together we started our recovery and growth journeys. Over the next few months I started coming to terms with my post-relationship recovery and I watched the love palm slowly emerging from 'intensive care' mode into a luscious growing plant. Within a few months I realised my 'plant transplant' was going to be successful with the love palm being slightly ahead in the 'recovery race'.

Now, after two years, I am overjoyed with Gratitude's resilience - matching my own outdrawn recovery and acceptance journey. I'm still learning daily and keeping a keen eye on Gratitude's transformation into a full-grown potted love palm.

Below is a recent image comparison between Gratitude and the scale size it was at two years ago. The small love palm positioned Infront of the clay pot was a gift intended for my sister. She love plants and know just so much more about potting house plants than me. My dream with this gift of love is to see it grow to the size of Gratitude over time. I have no doubt that it will happen. At least she will be more cautious of an immediate 'heart transplant'.

Vernon Chalmers Love Palm Scale Comparison
Love Palm Comparison

© Vernon Chalmers : Mental Health and Motivation

Love Palm Care Instructions

"Taking care of a love palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii), also known as a bamboo palm or reed palm, involves providing the right environment, watering, fertilizing, and general maintenance. Here are care instructions for a love palm:

Light: Love palms thrive in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. If you don't have access to bright indirect light, they can tolerate lower light conditions, but their growth may slow down.

Temperature: Keep your love palm in a warm environment. They prefer temperatures between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C) during the day and not below 50°F (10°C) at night. Avoid sudden temperature drops.

Humidity: Love palms appreciate high humidity levels. You can increase humidity by misting the plant regularly or placing a tray of water near it. Using a humidifier can also be beneficial, especially during dry indoor seasons.

Watering: Water your love palm when the top inch (2.5 cm) of soil feels dry to the touch. Ensure that the pot has good drainage to prevent overwatering, which can lead to root rot. During the growing season (spring and summer), water more frequently, and reduce the frequency in the winter months.

Soil: Plant your love palm in a well-draining potting mix. A mixture of peat moss, perlite, and a small amount of sand works well. Repot the plant every 2-3 years to refresh the soil and provide more space for growth.

Fertilizing: Feed your love palm with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Reduce or eliminate fertilization during the dormant winter months.

Pruning: Remove any yellow or brown fronds as they appear. This helps maintain the plant's appearance and encourages healthy new growth. Be careful not to remove too many fronds at once, as this can stress the plant.

Pests and Diseases: Love palms are relatively resistant to pests and diseases, but they can occasionally be affected by spider mites, scale, or mealybugs. Inspect your plant regularly for any signs of infestation, and treat with insecticidal soap or neem oil if needed.

Support: Love palms may become top-heavy as they grow taller. Use stakes or bamboo poles to provide support and prevent the plant from toppling over.

Propagation: Love palms can be propagated through division. When repotting, you can carefully separate the plant into smaller sections, making sure each section has roots attached.

Remember that patience is key when caring for love palms, as they are slow growers. With proper care, your love palm can thrive and add a touch of greenery and beauty to your indoor space." (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

Small Love Palm
Small Love Palm

01 September 2023

Heroin, Fentanyl and other Opioids

Heroin, Fentanyl and other Opioids: Awareness, Research and Resources

xHeroin, Fentanyl and other Opioids

Opium: that terrible truth serum. Dark secrets guarded for a lifetime can be divulged with carefree folly after a sip of the black smoke.” ― Roman Payne

Heroin, Fentanyl and other Opioid Research

Heroin, Fentanyl and other Opioids
"Heroin, Fentanyl, and other opioids are a group of powerful drugs that are derived from or mimic the effects of opium, a natural substance extracted from the poppy plant. These substances have both medical and recreational uses, but they also pose significant risks due to their potential for addiction and overdose.

Heroin: Heroin is an illegal opioid drug synthesized from morphine, which is derived from opium poppies. It is typically sold as a white or brown powder or as a black, sticky substance known as "black tar" heroin. Heroin is commonly abused for its euphoric and pain-relieving effects. However, it is highly addictive and can lead to serious health issues, including respiratory depression, infections, and overdose.

Fentanyl: Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is much more potent than both morphine and heroin. It is used medically for pain management, particularly in patients with severe pain or those undergoing surgery. Illicitly manufactured fentanyl has become a major concern due to its involvement in a significant number of overdose deaths. It is often mixed with other drugs, including heroin and cocaine, without the user's knowledge, leading to increased risk of overdose.

Other Opioids: Besides heroin and fentanyl, there are other opioids used for medical purposes, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and codeine. These drugs are commonly prescribed for pain management. However, they also have a potential for abuse and addiction. Misuse of prescription opioids can lead to serious health consequences, including addiction and overdose.

Opioids work by binding to specific receptors in the brain and spinal cord called opioid receptors. This binding results in pain relief, relaxation, and a sense of euphoria. However, it also depresses the central nervous system, leading to slowed breathing and potentially fatal respiratory depression.

The opioid epidemic has become a major public health crisis in many parts of the world, particularly in the United States. Overdose deaths involving opioids, including prescription opioids, heroin, and synthetic opioids like fentanyl, have risen dramatically in recent years. Efforts to address this crisis include improved access to addiction treatment, prescription monitoring programs, harm reduction initiatives, and public education about the risks of opioid misuse.

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, it's important to seek help from a healthcare professional or a treatment center. Opioid addiction is treatable, and there are various evidence-based approaches available to help individuals recover and manage their addiction. (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

Current status of Opioid Addiction treatment and related preclinical research Science Advances

Enforcement Strategies for Fentanyl and other Synthetic Opioids Brookings

Estimating naloxone need in the USA across fentanyl, heroin, and prescription opioid epidemics: A Modelling Study The Lancet Public Health

Evidence synthesis - The opioid crisis in Canada: a national perspective NIH

Exposure to fentanyl-contaminated heroin and overdose risk among illicit opioid users in Rhode Island: A mixed methods study ScienceDirect

Fentanyl: One Pill Kills

Fentanyl Vaccine Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Opioid Epidemic University of Houston

Fentanyl and the U.S. Opioid Epidemic Council on Foreign Relations

Heroin vs Fentanyl: Uses & Classifications American Addiction Centers

Health Research and Development to Stem the Opioid Crisis PDF Report from the Executive Office Of The President Of The United States

How Is Fentanyl Addiction Different From a Heroin Addiction? Ashley

Is Fentanyl More Addictive Than Heroin? Tulip Hill Recovery

More Than 80% of People Who Inject Drugs Test Positive for Fentanyl, But Only 18% Intend to Take It New York University

New nasal spray to reverse fentanyl and other opioid overdoses gets FDA approval NPR

Once feared, illicit fentanyl is now a drug of choice for many opioid users NBC Health

Opioid Awareness: What is an Opioid? U.S. Department of Justice

Opioid Overdose Prevention  TOOLKIT SAMHSA

Opioid Misuse in Rural America USDA

Opioids and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) MedilinePlus

Opioids and Drug Overdose Prevention Connecticut Official State Website

Parents Guide to Fentanyl Mental Health and Motivation

Policing on the Front Lines of the Opioid Crisis Police PDF Download Executive Research Forum

Prescription Opioid Misuse and Heroin Office of National Control Policy

Prevent Opioid Abuse and Addiction U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Reasons to avoid fentanyl APM / Annals of Palliative Medicine

The Future of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids RAND Corporation

The Opioid Crisis: A Contextual, Social-Ecological Framework BMC

The Opioid Epidemic: A Geography in Two Phases PDF Download USDA

Understanding the Opioid Overdose Epidemic CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Why fentanyl is Deadlier than Heroin, in a single photo Stats

What is fentanyl and why is it behind the deadly surge in US drug overdoses? UMass Chan Medical School

What are Opioids? - Video

Artificial Intelligence Application in Mental Health Research

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application in Mental Health Research Research and Resources

Artificial Intelligence Application in Mental Health Research

Perhaps we should all stop for a moment and focus not only on making our AI better and more successful but also on the benefit of humanity.” — Stephen Hawking

Artificial Intelligence Application in Mental Health Research

Artificial Intelligence Application in Mental Health Research
"Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant inroads into the field of mental health research and has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand, diagnose, and treat mental health disorders. Here are some key applications of AI in mental health research:

Early Detection and Diagnosis:
Natural Language Processing (NLP): AI-driven NLP algorithms can analyze text and speech to detect patterns indicative of mental health issues in patients' conversations or writings.

Machine Learning Models:
ML models can use data from various sources, such as electronic health records and social media, to identify early signs of mental health disorders.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

Predictive Analytics: AI can help predict a patient's response to different treatment options based on their individual characteristics, enabling personalized treatment plans.

Treatment Recommendations: AI algorithms can recommend specific therapies, medications, or interventions tailored to a patient's unique needs.

Remote Monitoring:

Wearable Devices:
AI can analyze data from wearable devices, such as smartwatches, to monitor physiological and behavioral indicators of mental health in real-time.

Mobile Apps: AI-powered mobile apps can track user behavior and provide immediate feedback and support for managing stress, anxiety, or depression.

Therapeutic Interventions:

Chatbots and Virtual Therapists:
AI-driven chatbots and virtual therapists can provide 24/7 support and interventions for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy: VR applications powered by AI can create immersive environments for exposure therapy and relaxation exercises.

Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling:

Big Data Analysis:
AI can analyze large datasets to identify population-level trends and risk factors associated with mental health disorders.

Predictive Modeling: AI can predict mental health outcomes, such as suicide risk, based on various factors, aiding in prevention efforts.

Neuroimaging and Biomarker Discovery:

Brain Imaging Analysis: AI algorithms can analyze neuroimaging data to identify structural and functional brain abnormalities associated with mental health disorders.

Biomarker Identification: AI can assist in the discovery of biomarkers in blood, saliva, or other biological samples that may indicate mental health conditions.

Research and Drug Development:

Drug Discovery: AI can accelerate the drug discovery process by analyzing vast biological and chemical datasets to identify potential candidates for new psychiatric medications.

Clinical Trials: AI can optimize the design and recruitment for clinical trials, improving the efficiency of research studies in the mental health field.

Preventive Interventions:

Social Media Analysis:
AI can analyze social media posts to identify individuals at risk of mental health issues and deliver targeted interventions.

Educational Campaigns: AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can disseminate mental health education and awareness campaigns.

Ethical Considerations:
AI in mental health research also requires careful consideration of ethical issues, including data privacy, bias, and the potential for overreliance on technology over human care.

AI has the potential to greatly advance mental health research by improving early detection, treatment personalization, and access to care. However, it's important to ensure that AI applications in this field are developed and implemented with ethical considerations and the well-being of individuals in mind." (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

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