22 April 2022

A Special Moment of Gratitude

Moment of Gratitude From Nature

An impromptu Moment of Gratitude Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers

"After updating my Woodbridge Island Bird Species Index with the ‘strutting’ grey heron as the attached image on various Facebook Pages I was (once again) blown away with all the likes and interesting comments from hundreds of bird / nature lovers (all over the world). Thank you!

In one way or another I hopefully responded to every comment received. The grey heron image (with all the attention from so many) was quite a special photography moment for me. It was an unplanned moment along the Milnerton lagoon where nature and fortune favoured the photographer." 
— Vernon Chalmers

An unplanned photography Moment of Gratitude

Understanding Gratitude
During the last 18 months of coming to terms with domestic violence / relationship abuse I spent a lot of time reflecting and understanding the consequential impact of what a consistent lack of gratitude had on my own emotional well being. 

After going through a confusing period of experiencing continuous ingratitude in action (for the first time in my life), it was such a sense of gratification to be in a position to say 'thank you' too so many people across the world.

Gratitude : Importance of Being Thankful

Photographer: Vernon Chalmers 

'Grey Heron' Source: Birdlife South Africa

08 April 2022

Free Rehab Centers Directory

Learn More about 'Free Rehab Centers Directory'

Free Rehab Centers Directory for Substance Abuse USA

Free Rehab Centers Directory for Substance Abuse USA

FreeRehabCenters.net was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to substance abuse treatment, especially those who may not be able to afford it. 

Daily drug and alcohol abuse can affect every aspect of someone’s life. Those facing financial hardship can still access addiction treatment services.

If you are looking for a free or low-cost drug rehab program for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help.

Contact one of our trusted intake specialists to determine what level of substance abuse treatment would be appropriate for your situation and budget today.

Learn More about 'Free Rehab Centers Directory on the FreeRehabCenters website:
  • Search by City / State
  • View Program Options in Desired Areas
  • Call The Facility Direct or General Helpline
  • Rehab Resources

Get Sober, Stay Sober

Source / Reference: FreeRehabCenters.net

Published with permission from FreeRehabCenters

07 April 2022

Addiction and Crime

Substance Abuse, Criminal Behavior and Treatment

Addiction Guide : The Role of Substance Abuse In Criminal Behavior
Addiction Guide : The Role of Substance Abuse In Criminal Behavior

Substance Abuse and Criminal Behavior

Addiction is often a root cause for criminal behavior, and individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol commit around 50% of all crimes.

The connection between drug use and illegal activity is why addiction treatment programs should be accessible and provide the best possible care for those who need help.

Learn More about 'Addiction and Crime' on the Addiction Guide website:
  • Role of Substance Abuse on Criminal Behavior
  • Drug Crimes and Public Safety
  • Incarceration for Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crime and Substance Abuse Disorder
  • How Addiction Treatment Can Reduce Recidivism Rates
  • Addiction and Youth Crime Prevention
  • Crime and Addiction Statistics

Source / Reference: Addiction Guide

Published with permission from Chris Carberg Addiction Guide Founder & Mental Health Advocate

Addiction Guide : The Role of Substance Abuse In Criminal Behavior

06 April 2022

The Recovery Village: Grief Summary

Learn More about Grief / What is Grief?

The Recovery Village: Grief Summary
The Recovery Village: Grief Summary

Understanding Grief

The grieving process is a natural response that occurs after a loss or death. However, dealing with grief and loss can be a deeply personal and challenging experience.

The grieving process is different for everyone, but it is often accompanied by feelings of deep sadness, anger or hopelessness. Although grief can take many forms, some types of grief exceed what is considered the normal grieving process. Cases of abnormal grief may develop into more serious conditions.

Understanding the process of grief can help people to support themselves and others through loss. Recognizing the types of grief can also help people identify when grieving exceeds the usual process and requires extra care.

Learn More about Grief on the Recovery Village website:
  • What is Grief
  • Stages of Grief
  • Grief Models
  • Types of Grief
  • Grief Statistics
  • Grief and Substance Abuse
  • Grief Treatment

Please visit the South Florida Detox and Inpatient Rehab website for Grief Information / Support.

This information was published with permission from the South Florida Detox and Rehab website.

Today I cried...

I Cried for Experiencing the Good and Faith in the People Around Me

Today I cried... Mental Health and Motivation

"I cried for the insight to seek, find and see the light where the darkness of my soul once relentlessly obscured the intrinsic value and meaning of life." ― Vernon Chalmers

Today I cried because I have my mountain back, I cried because I have my road back, I cried because I have my Cape Town back.

I cried for understanding the demons of trauma and how domestic violence mercilessly unsettles the mind of the empowered empath.

I cried for the renewed appreciation for compassion, empathy and gratitude. 

I cried for accepting the opportunity for self-calibration through my Portfolio of Choice recovery narrative. 

I cried for experiencing the good and faith in the people around me.

I cried for the ability to find, trust and reconnect to life through the collective eyes, hearts and souls of my support network. 

I cried for the honest reflections with all those who invited me into their lives to share extraordinary experiences, vulnerabilities and courage in healing from toxic people (and / or abusive environments). 

I cried because they made me feel safe to believe again.

© Vernon Chalmers : Mental Health and Motivation

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