06 April 2022

Today I cried...

Today I cried...
"I cried for the insight to seek, find and see the light where the darkness of my soul relentlessly obscured the intrinsic value and meaning of life." ― Vernon Chalmers

Today I cried because I have my mountain back, I cried because I have my road back, I cried because I have my Cape Town back.

I cried for understanding the demons of trauma and how domestic violence mercilessly unsettles the mind of the empowered empath.

I cried for the renewed appreciation for compassion, empathy and gratitude. 

I cried for accepting the opportunity for self-calibration through my Portfolio of Choice recovery narrative. 

I cried for experiencing the good and faith in the people around me.

I cried for the ability to find, trust and reconnect to life through the collective eyes, hearts and souls of my support network. 

I cried for the honest reflections with all those who invited me into their lives to share extraordinary experiences, vulnerabilities and courage in healing from toxic people (and / or abusive environments). 

I cried because they made me feel safe to believe again.

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