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The Mental Health and Motivation research website / journaling project is now well beyond the premise of my own experiences and research interests.

Since August 2021 the website has evolved into an international resource sharing platform for assisting academia, mental health service providers and interested individuals across the world - currently assisting visitors from more than 126 Countries / 50 US States - with various (academic / personal / family / community / employment-related) Mental Health and Motivation resources. More than 30 international mental health care institutions / providers are actively promoting related mental health care services and / or content on the Mental Health and Motivation website. Read more about this free promotional service

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Mental Health Research / Resources
For the past two years I have concentrated on more than 150 research / resource areas (mainly in neurology, psychiatry and psychology) that I have found  to have the most profound impact on our daily personal cognitive / emotional decision-making and how it affects our interaction with others (towards our own emotional wellbeing / relationships with others).

What started off as a healing journaling disclosure and psychopathology research intervention (in overcoming the trauma of an abusive relationship) evolved into a global 'Mental Health and Motivation' sharing platform. My motivation of  'the more I learned, the more I shared' integrated well with my personal ethos of education and training from other academic interests in my life.

Mental Health and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
I am learning more about the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on the future of international mental healthcare application, research, systems and practice.  Herewith some of my questions / content experiments in applying OpenAI's general-purpose ChatGPT on a variety of mental health and motivation topics on this website. There is, of course, also the more recent Google Bard chatbot, but at this stage the majority of the AI experimental content here were generated via ChatGPT. There are others - and there will be more advanced AI applications / chatbots in development. I am of opinion that mental healthcare will become a primary AI beneficiary on various functional and application levels. Most opportunities and threats will be evaluated through applied research and supplementary value to it's many AI mental health stakeholders - with specific reference to mental healthcare providers, academia, patients and other (future) users.
Most of the listed research and resource areas are not directly linked to my own personal research and / or situations, but are primarily shared due to my general and specific interest in mental health care-related subjects and contemporary applied research. Mental Health Disclaimer

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Mental Health Research / Resource Areas

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Mental Health and Motivation Awareness, Research and Resources

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