30 June 2024

Mental Health Support Groups and Discussion Forums

Mental Health : Personality Disorder and Other Support Groups

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Mental Health Support Groups and Discussion Forums: Mental Health and Motivation

Take your time healing, as long as you want. Nobody else knows what you’ve been through. How could they know how long it will take to heal you?” — Abertoli

Mental Health Support Groups : Discussion Forums for Family Members, Partners and Friends

Mental Health Online Support and Discussion Forums

Mental Health Support Groups and Discussion Forums
"Here are some online mental health support groups and discussion forums that you might find helpful:

  1. My Support Forums: This private online community offers emotional and mental health support groups. Since 2001, they have provided a safe space for sharing thoughts, feelings, advice, and stories without judgment. The community is overseen by a caring team of volunteers from around the world. You can join as a guest or register for free to access additional features like posting topics, private communication, polls, and content uploads. Registration is simple and private, with no connections to social media. If you’re interested, you can explore it here1.

  2. Verywell Mind’s Best Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2021: Verywell Mind recommends several anxiety support groups:

    • SMART Recovery: Overall best support group.
    • Mental Health America: Offers free screening tools.
    • Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Provides valuable information.
    • 7 Cups of Tea: Offers free one-on-one support.
    • TheTribe: Known for peer-to-peer support.
    • Daily Strength: Has an active anxiety forum. You can find more details here2.
  3. Psych Forums: This platform includes a psychotherapy message board, open discussions, and online support groups. You can connect with others who understand what it’s like to deal with various mental health challenges. Check it out here3.

  4. Mental Health Forum: Join this online community to connect with people who have firsthand experience with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, self-harm, BPD, OCD, and more. Visit the forum here4.

Remember that seeking support and connecting with others who share similar experiences can be incredibly beneficial for your mental well-being. Feel free to explore these resources and find the one that resonates with you the most!" (Source: Microsoft Copilot)

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