21 March 2023

Why is Alcoholism so Common Among Athletes?

 Athletes and Alcoholism

Athletes and Alcoholism

Statistics show that athletes have a higher risk of developing drug and alcohol addiction. The risk is even higher for athletes participating in team sports.

Despite their focus on good health, athletes often suffer from sport-related stress and pressure.

While some athletes turn to drugs or alcohol for social acceptance or performance reasons, others develop a drug addiction after an injury.

Professional and non-professional sports leagues recognize the problem and often administer routine drug screenings. But most of the prevention focus is on prescription and non-prescription drugs, not alcohol.

Unfortunately, this means many athletes struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD) do not receive necessary treatment. (Source: Alcohol Rehab Help)

Athletes have a high risk of abusing alcohol for several reasons. For example, to:
  • Cope with Mental Illness

  • Deal with Emotional Pressure

  • Deal with Early-Age Retirement

  • Face Peer Pressure

  • Athletes and Alcoholism Statistics

  • How Alcohol Affects Athletic Performance

  • Student Athletes and Alcohol Abuse

  • Athletes Who Have Overcome Alcohol Use Disorder

  • What to Do About Alcohol Abuse Among Athletes

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Source / Reference: Alcohol Rehab Help

Published with permission from Alcohol Rehab Help

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