31 December 2022

Gratitude : Importance of Being Thankful

Impact of Daily Gratitude on Mental Health

Gratitude and Mental Health : Importance of Being Thankful

"This is the real root of your illness: the complaint, the accusation, the absence of gratitude. Do not blame, criticize or condemn people, circumstances, and events that appear to be against you, but be thankful to them, because they allow you to recognize that true condemnation that you are unconsciously living within yourself". — Elio D'Anna

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Importance of Being Thankful

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"I was exposed to a serious lack of gratitude, witnessed through a vivacious self-entitled attitude, in a relatively short, but important personal relationship. At the time I did not fully comprehend why some people cannot say 'thank you', but since then I have learned the psychology of why people cannot say 'thank you' and why it is so difficult for them. The importance of daily gratitude and respect is one of the most valuable characteristics we should apply to whoever contributes whatever meaningful to our lives - irrespective of the magnitude of the deed." — Vernon Chalmers

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