01 November 2023

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria: Awareness, Research and Resources

Gender Dysphoria

Gender is a psychosocial virtual entity without location in a person's body. It solely exists in, and is perpetuated by, the society in which the person lives.” ― Az Hakeem

Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder) Research

What is Gender Dysphoria?
"Gender dysphoria is a term used to describe the distress, discomfort, or unease that individuals may experience when their gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth. This condition involves a marked difference between one's experienced or expressed gender and the gender others would typically expect of them.

For example, a person assigned male at birth may identify as female, or vice versa. This incongruence between one's biological sex and gender identity can cause significant emotional, psychological, and social distress.

It's important to note that not all individuals who identify as transgender experience gender dysphoria. However, for those who do, it can significantly impact their mental health and well-being.

Treatment for gender dysphoria may involve various options, including counseling, hormone therapy, and, in some cases, gender-affirming surgeries. Support from mental health professionals, a strong support system, and a gender-affirming environment are essential in helping individuals manage and alleviate the distress associated with gender dysphoria." (Source: ChatGPT 2023)

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