13 November 2023

Doomscrolling and Its Consequences

Doomscrolling – The New Drug of the 21st Century

Doomscrolling and Its Consequences

Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through the news, reading one tragic story after another? If so, you’re not alone. This phenomenon, known as “doomscrolling” or “doomsurfing,” has become increasingly common today. We’ve all experienced those moments when we get caught up in the cycle of doomscrolling, unable to tear our eyes away from the screen, even though it leaves us feeling drained and anxious. (Source: IvyPanda)

Learn More About Doomscrolling:
  • What Is Doomscrolling
  • Signs You Are Doomscrolling
  • The Science Behind Doomscrolling
  • Who Is More Likely to Doomscroll
  • How Doomscrolling Affects You
  • Doomscrolling Impact on Mental Health
  • Doomscrolling Impact on Other Aspects
  • How to Stop Doomscrolling

Learn more:  'Doomscrolling – The New Drug of the 21st Century'

Source / Reference: IvyPanda

Published with permission from IvyPanda