20 December 2023

Suicide Prevention Resources

Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Research

Suicide Prevention Resources

“The key to getting beyond your struggles is making choices that invite new possibilities—new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and living your life for the better.” — Michael Nulty

Suicide and Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide Information and Reports

Suicide Prevention Resource Guide

Suicide Prevention
"Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities. The goal of suicide prevention is to reduce factors that increase risk and increase factors that promote resilience. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a comprehensive guide on suicide prevention, which includes information on risk and protective factors, prevention strategies, and resources.

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health-related distress or is worried about a loved one who may need crisis support, you can contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. It is a confidential, free, and available 24/7/365. You can call or text 988, chat at 988lifeline.org, or visit the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for more information.

Remember, suicide prevention is everyone’s business. You can #BeThere and #BeThe1To help a friend, loved one, or coworker. Everyone can learn the warning signs and how to get help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, please reach out to a mental health professional or a trusted friend or family member. You are not alone 1." (Source Microsoft Bing 2023)

Suicide Prevention Resources

A Positive Psychological Approach to Suicide: Theory, Research, and Prevention (book)
J. K. Hirsch & E. C. Chang & J. K. Rabon

A Suicide Awareness and Prevention Guide for Schools Edutopia

Center for Suicide Prevention and Research Nationwide Children's Hospital (USA)

Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt (book)
 Kevin Hines / Dr. Daniel J. Reidenberg

Facts About Suicide CDC

Health Needs for Suicide Prevention and Acceptance of e-Mental Health Interventions in Adolescents and Young Adults: Qualitative Study NIH

Impact of Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders on Suicide intent among Self-Harm Patients NIH

Is Suicide a Mental Health, Public Health or Societal Problem? Current Opinion in Psychiatry

It’s OK to Say Suicide The Jed Foundation

Learn More About Suicide Prevention Everymind

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research and Education University of South Australia

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention in a Changing World Frontiers in Psychiatry

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Lifeline

New Research in Suicide Prevention American Psychological Association

Phenomenology of Suicide: Unlocking the Suicidal Mind (book)
Maurizio Pompili

Public Education and Awareness Campaigns for Suicide Prevention RHIhub

Resources For Suicide Prevention SAMHSA

Research on Suicide- and Mental Health-Related Media Campaigns Action Alliance
    Sacred Suicide (book)
    J. R. Lewis / C. M. Cusack

    Social Media Addiction And Suicide – Guide 2023 Drug Rehab USA

    Suicide: A Study in Sociology 
    Emile Durkheim

    Suicide Awareness and Prevention UPMC Health Beat

    Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Postvention Alaska Department of Education & Early Development 

    Suicide Notes (book)
    Ford Michael Thomas

    Suicide Prevention youth.gov

    Suicide Prevention: A Holistic Approach (book)
    R. F. W. Diekstra / International Association for Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Prevention: A Multisectorial Public Health Concern NIH

    Suicide Prevention: An Emerging Priority For Health Care Health Affairs

    Suicide Prevention: Information / Reports World Health Organization

    Suicide Prevention: Research & Resources PTTC

    Suicide Prevention: Things to Know Columbia University

    Suicide Prevention Resources Google Education Support

    Suicide Prevention Resource Guide Healthline

    Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves (book)
    Jesse Bering

    Surviving Suicidal Ideation And Finding Recovery NAMI

    Understanding Mental Health, Mental Ill-Health & Suicide Everymind

    What Is Suicidal Ideation? Verywell Mind

    What You Should Know About Suicide Healthline

    Why People Die by Suicide (book)
    Thomas Joiner

    What Leads To Suicide - Video

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