01 February 2023

Emotional Self-Healing Progress: Question and Answer

Perspective and Reflection on Emotional Self-Healing Progress

Emotional Healing Progress Question and Answer

How does a person know when he / she has made sufficient progress from a prolonged period of emotional and / or traumatic 'darkness' in their lives? 

Referring to this poignant question many may ask when they believe they are entering (or about to enter) the final stage of healing and / or rehabilitation in terms of addiction, abuse, trauma, loss, grief etc.

I have rationalised above question through various mediums, qualitative research findings and also directly asking accredited mental health professionals (from a point of reference from personal friends and close contacts in mental health care / emotional wellness professions).

There were many different answers; the metacognitive self-awareness of the healing journey, acknowledgement of behaviour change(s), personal growth and acceptance were most often cited as some of the common denominators in someone's own healing progress identification and tracking, but there is only one person that will be able to answer this question (from above context) and that is the person who asked the question - to be able to access the self in relation to progress and healing by means of having the courage towards facing self-reflection and subjective perception and objective reasoning.

Some may never (want to) know, others are determined that within the desire to achieve certain behaviour changes their healing journeys will add more awareness, acceptance and subsequently, self-enrichment - all of which will be processed differently through different individuals (with / or without the professional intervention of a mental health care practitioner).

I evaluated my own abusive trauma and unfortunate loss of more than one person over a two year grief / healing period and concluded that in terms of my own cognitive understanding of asking and answering this emotional question I tried to answer it invariably from two personal perspectives:

- Time and statistical (qualitative) recognition / tracking
- Cognitive and emotional understanding of healing / acceptance

I realised now that I have almost oblivious to self divided my journey into four quartiles across a loss / trauma healing spectrum and that the most challenging period was up to the end of the third quartile of 75% - based on my own personal criteria. Now, being well into the 4th quartile the cognitive awareness of learning and understanding enabled me to place thousands of my own journaling words and objective research analysis / articles into a final personal quote of healing and acceptance (of change).

I would not have been in a position to prepare this quote a year ago, not six months ago or perhaps not even a month ago, but due to the desire to accept and move on I am in a fortunate position to close the searching (of a renewed sense of self and acceptance narrative) with the following: (which encapsulates two years of analysis and introspection, but took two minutes to write).

"The 'Mental Health and Motivation’ self-development and research journey manifested a renewed awareness of patience, presence and purpose - not just in learning more about the existential self, but also gaining a metacognitive understanding of our neuropsychological functioning that inevitably shapes behaviour choices - in any given moment or situation (in relation to self and others) - and that any of these choices can be changed if desired". — Vernon Chalmers

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post the healing question and answer exclude any reference, claim or speculation in relation to the formal rehabilitation, therapy or treatment stage(s) of any behavioural, emotional, mental or personality disorder as formally assessed and diagnosed by a psychiatric or psychology health care professional (by means of the DSM-5-TR and / or any other professional international diagnostic criteria).

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