24 August 2023

Financial Help for Recovering Addicts

Managing Your Finances During Recovery

Financial Help for Recovering Addicts

People in recovery have unique hurdles to restoring or establishing financial independence. Getting their finances in order may even trigger a relapse. But approached properly, people in recovery can follow a few specific steps to achieve financial independence. (Source: Annuity.org)

Key Takeaways from the 'Financial Help for Recovering Addicts' Article
  • Recovering financial independence after struggling with substance abuse is a crucial step to recovery.
  • Individuals in recovery often face financial fallout, which can be compounded and threaten a relapse.
  • Financial stress can cause individuals to become overwhelmed and discouraged, leading to relapse and making the problem worse.
  • Building a strong financial foundation involves creating a budget, paying down debt and having a plan to manage finances.
  • Creating a budget is perhaps the most important step to getting your financial life on track.

This guide explores financial stress for people in recovery and where to turn for help in achieving financial independence:

  • Understanding Financial Stress During Addiction Recovery

  • Common Financial Concerns for Recovering Addicts

  • Financial Literacy Programs and People in Recovery

  • Financial Literacy Programs in Recovery

  • Financial Literacy Tips for Managing Your Finances in Recovery

  • Debt Management Strategies During Recovery

  • Build a Strong Financial Foundation for Long-Term Recovery

  • Financial Assistance and Other Resources for People in Recovery

  • Grants and Government Assistance for People in Recovery

  • Nonprofit and Other Organizations That Offer Financial Counseling

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Wellness in Recovery

  • Connect With a Financial Advisor Instantly

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Source / Reference: Annuity.org

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