21 August 2023

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl

Complete Guide For Preventing Child Fentanyl Use

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl

Hello fentanyl, goodbye world.” ― Steven Magee

There is a significant risk for today’s generation because of fentanyl. It is a deadly hidden threat. Fentanyl-laced drugs are extremely dangerous, and the average person is unaware their drugs are laced with fentanyl. Parents, guardians, educators, and anyone responsible for children must rely on drug prevention education to safeguard children and teens from this growing threat.

Since fentanyl is commonly added to illicit drugs, the best way to prevent fentanyl use is to avoid using all drugs. An effective way to do this is through communication and education. As a parent or guardian, how you approach drug education goes a long way in how your children apply it.

Regarding fentanyl, drug education should focus on online safety, how deadly the drug is, and how it is often undetectable. (Source: Addicted.org)

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl
  • Tips For Parents
  • What is Fentanyl?
  • How are Kids Getting Fentanyl?
  • Why Fentanyl is Hard to Avoid
  • Additional Fentanyl Resources for Parents

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Source / Reference: SUPE (Substances Use Prevention Abuse)

Published with permission from SUPE: Substance Use Prevention Education

SUPE: Substance Use Prevention Education