01 January 2023

Concluding Remarks after my Abuse Recovery

Domestic Abuse | Trauma Recovery : The Gift of Freedom and Gratitude

Abuse Recovery : The Gift of Freedom and Gratitude

Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile.”
― Jeanne McElvaney

Don't judge yourself by what others did to you.
― C. Kennedy

"During the past two years I processed one of the most disappointing experiences of my life - facing and healing from extreme pathological behaviour from the person I once cared for the most. The subsequent journey to accept that I cannot take responsibility for someone else's abuse towards me that manifested through the inhumane disrespect of perpetual infringements of my expectations, norms, values, safety and quality of life. The renewed awakening of what humanity should be (in learning from its absence) is indeed a gift that keeps on giving." ― Vernon Chalmers

Since my first year at university I was fascinated by (clinical / industrial) psychology and psychopathology - to a point where I became almost too overwhelmed with all the prescribed academic information (and research) available in understanding the 'sensitivity' in studying individual human behaviour characteristics (and the classification of various personality disorders with the many classic student / lecturer nature vs. nurture human behaviour development debates).   

Perhaps, due to this (and to find a balance between clinical psychology and other personal interests in economics and organisational behaviour), I pursued industrial psychology, economics, various managerial science subjects and elected post-graduate studies (and lecturing) in industrial psychology, human resources management, organisational behaviour and business administration. More here>>

Over the past two years, due to various personal 'strategic inflections points' of abuse, loss and related trauma I persisted for almost two years with intermittent therapeutic journaling here on the Mental Health and Motivation website. Through this highly effective process (and medium) I narrated my own recovery journey (for also redefining the self through the comprehension of a toxic mind field of narcissistic abuse, personal loss and subsequent trauma recovery). 

This extraordinary personal journey also facilitated a conscientious return to an existential interest in clinical psychology and neuroscience (with specific reference to emotional and cognitive intra-individual decision-making). Together with an extended range of peripheral research associations with regard to (undesirable) human behaviour dynamics and related trauma (of 'cause and effect') and impenitent psychopathological behaviour (towards me) I came to terms with definite antisocial characteristics challenging acceptable human behaviour expectations, values, standards and social norms. 

Throughout this journey I maintained a keen awareness of how the international mental health community; academia, institutions, practitioners and other associated research practices continuously research, define, identify (and attempt to rehabilitate) psychopathology, human behavioral discomfort and / or disorders in the development of contemporary emotional wellbeing practices and techniques.

I am humbled by the efforts of thousands of wonderful and caring people associated with the broad international mental health support community for their continuous (and in many cases priceless) contributions, research (and / or interventions) for assisting anyone diagnosed (or who is struggling) with any kind of behavioral / mental discomfort.

The mental health fraternity and associated formal / informal support services desire for assisting someone (or a couple / family and / or community) with various mental challenges and / or the development of emotional wellbeing practices is one of the greatest gifts I have had the privilege to research, witness and be part of (in recently also assisting so many others here on the Mental Health and Motivation website with relevant research and resources).

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