09 February 2023

Dealing with FOMO in College

How to Deal with FOMO in College [+Turn It into JOMO]

How to Deal with FOMO in College [+Turn It into JOMO]

Partying with your friends, checking out an art gallery, watching the latest episode of a new show —what do these things have in common? They are activities you probably don’t want to miss out on.

If thinking about not doing these things makes you uncomfortable, you may be experiencing FOMO: the fear of missing out. FOMO can cause significant stress, especially if a person is prone to anxiety or depression.

Want to know how to deal with it? You’re in luck!

In this article, custom-writing experts will explain how to understand if you have FOMO and teach you how to get rid of it. (Source: Custom-Writing.org)

  •  What Is FOMO?
  •  Why Does FOMO Happen?
  •  How to Recognize It
  •  How to Deal with It
  •  Turn FOMO into JOMO
  •  Is FOMO Really That Bad?
  •  References

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