22 April 2022

A Special Moment of Gratitude

Moment of Gratitude From Nature

An impromptu Moment of Gratitude Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers

"After updating my Woodbridge Island Bird Species Index with the ‘strutting’ grey heron as the attached image on various Facebook Pages I was (once again) blown away with all the likes and interesting comments from hundreds of bird / nature lovers (all over the world). Thank you!

In one way or another I hopefully responded to every comment received. The grey heron image (with all the attention from so many) was quite a special photography moment for me. It was an unplanned moment along the Milnerton lagoon where nature and fortune favoured the photographer." 
— Vernon Chalmers

An unplanned photography Moment of Gratitude

Understanding Gratitude
During the last 18 months of coming to terms with domestic violence / relationship abuse I spent a lot of time reflecting and understanding the consequential impact of what a consistent lack of gratitude had on my own emotional well being. 

After going through a confusing period of experiencing continuous ingratitude in action (for the first time in my life), it was such a sense of gratification to be in a position to say 'thank you' too so many people across the world.

Gratitude : Importance of Being Thankful

Photographer: Vernon Chalmers 

'Grey Heron' Source: Birdlife South Africa

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