15 January 2024

How to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking Awareness Guide: 11 Tips & 3 Simple Exercises

How to Stop Overthinking

"Dwelling excessively and intensely on a single event or moment can lead to the unhealthy habit of overthinking, trapping individuals in a cycle of self-analysis and self-criticism.

If you find yourself in the vicious circle of overthinking and struggle to break free, you’re in the right place.

In this Overthinking Guide, StudyGorgi share essential tips for identifying the issue of overthinking, discuss effective techniques to overcome this destructive habit, and explore beneficial mindfulness exercises to help you return to the present moment." (Source: StudyGorgi)

Table of Contents
  • What Is Overthinking?
  • How Many People Tend to Overthink?
  • Causes & Symptoms of Overthinking
  • 7 Signs You Might Be Overthinking
  • How Does Overthinking Impact One’s Health?
  • 11 Tips to Stop Overthinking
  • 3 Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Overthinkers
  • Infographic
  • References

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Source / Reference: StudyGorgi

Published with permission from StudyGorgi

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