01 January 2023

From Therapeutic Journaling to Online Publishing

Therapeutic Journaling for Mental Health and Anxiety

From Therapeutic Journaling to Online Publishing : Vernon Chalmers

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” — Albert Einstein

"Knowledge, time and journaling turned into a conscientious portfolio of choice. Writing and reading my own state of mind became my daily therapy." — Vernon Chalmers

What started out as a relatively small and private journaling exercise for documenting my recent abusive relationship disappointments, calming down my endless ruminating thoughts and getting a handle on my trauma quickly developed into a substantial online publishing presence.

Not only for documenting my relationship experiences and listing / linking the resources that I have read and researched in the process, but also guiding me through a surprisingly effective therapeutic medium for restoring pre-relationship calm and confidence.

The original name Reflections of My Life was recently renamed Mental Health and Motivation. As I spend more time with this project I realise that it is not so much about my own isolated journey anymore, but the development of a public mental health platform for sharing psychology and relationship support resources far beyond the realms of my own tales of relationship misfortune. 

I have had an interest in the theory and application of mental health, psychology and motivation as a human resources and management science student (and lecturer later) in subjects such as organisational psychology, sociology and human resources / business management. Little did I know that years later I would have my own private domain for publicly sharing my life experiences and resources with so many others.    

The Mental Health and Motivation online project is growing testimony of how my journaling and research 'sabbaticals' are contributing to useful mental health, applied psychology and relationship resources.

The various resource sections are visited by people around the world in pursuit of their own information journeys for researching and understanding a variety of available resources such as relationship abuse (antisocial behaviour), domestic violence, grief and associated trauma recovery.

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