10 May 2023

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Study

Eagerness to Learn 101: How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Study

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Study

Every year, around one-third of students (33%) drop out of college. Some of them can’t afford the tuition anymore; others lose their motivation to study and leave college searching for better opportunities.

Is it always a good decision to leave college?

Everybody’s circumstances are different. However, there is a direct link between dropping out and remaining unemployed or underpaid (Source: Custom-Writing.org).

So, what should you do if you’ve suddenly (or gradually) become disenchanted and don’t feel motivated to finish your college qualification? Check out the 15 strategies collected by our experts to revive your motivation to study:
  • What Is Student Burnout?
    • 8 Burnout Symptoms
  • 15 Strategies to Find Motivation
  • Staying Focused in a Boring Class
  • References

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Source / Reference: Custom-Writing.org

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