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Books and Online Resources that have assisted me over the years with my Online Share Trading, Investments, understanding Economics, Financial Markets knowledge and Portfolio Management:
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Economics / Business Economics
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Investment / Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Stock Market / Trading Reference

­čĺ╣Derivatives Trading

Advanced Techniques in Day Trading : A Practical Guide to High Probability Strategies and Methods Andrew Aziz, Ph.D. 

Futures Trading : What You Need to Know about the Risks & Rewards
Refco Private Client Group

Managing Derivatives Contracts : A Guide to Derivatives Market Structure, Contract Life Cycle, Operations and Systems Khader Shaik

The Art of Credit Derivatives : Demystifying the Black Swan
João Garcia / Serge Goossens

Options : The Plain and Simple Guide to Successful Strategies
Lenny Jordan

Video : What is CFD Trading / CFDs Explained By Standard Bank

­čĺ╣Economics / Business Economics

Economic Development Ninth Edition
Michael P. Todaro / Stephen C. Smith

Economics Fifth Edition
Alain Anderton

Business Economics : Theory and Application
Neil Harris

Macro Economics
David C. Colander / Edward N. Gamber

­čĺ╣Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis: What's the Difference? Article

Guide To Fundamental & Technical Analysis
Rich Dad Education

Mastering Fundamental Analysis
Michael C. Tomsett

Technical Analysis : The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians
Charles D. Kirkpatrick / Julie R. Dahquist

Using Technical Analysis : A Step-by-Step Guide to Understand and Applying Stock Market Charting Techniques Clifford Pistolese

­čĺ╣Investment and Portfolio Management

Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds : How to Use Tracker Funds in your Investment Portfolios David Stevenson

Investment Management Portfolio Diversification, Risk, and Timing - Fact and Fiction
Robert L. Hagin 

Managing Investment Portfolios : a Dynamic Process - Third Edition
John L. Maginn, CFA / Donald L. Tuttle, CFA / Dennis W. McLeavey, CFA / Jerald E. Pinto, CFA

Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis - 9th Edition
Edwin J. Elton / Martin J. Gruber / Stephen J. Brown

­čĺ╣Portfolio Risk Management

Applied Asset and Risk Management : A Guide to Modern Portfolio Management and Behavior-Driven Markets Marcus Schulmerich / Yves-Michel Leporcher / Ching-Hwa Eu

Financial Risk Management : Application in Market, Credit, Asset, and Liability Management
Jimmy Skoglund / Wei Chen

How to Measure and Manage the Risk of Your Investment Portfolio Article

Strategic Risk Management : a Practical Guide to Portfolio Risk Management
David Iverson

­čĺ╣Stock Market / Financial Market Reference

Currency Wars : The Making of the Next Global Crisis
James Rickards

Everyone's Guide to Stock Market Profits in South Africa
Bernard Joffe

Fiasco : The Inside Story of a Wall Street Trader
Frank Partnoy

Rollercoaster : The Incredible Story of Emerging Markets
Gill Tudor

The Black Swan : The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The New Market Wizards : Conversations With America's Top Traders
Jack D. Schwager

The Richesse Guide to Bear Markets
Bernard Joffe


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