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Vernon Chalmers CFD Portfolio Performance
I am reasonably satisfied with the current 40 - 50% combined / overall CFD portfolio (leveraged) profit performance (and the sectors / industries it represent for diversification). The JSE CFD portfolio is self-managed via the Standard Bank Online Share Trading website as two separate sub-portfolios which I refer to as CFD Portfolio 1 and CFD Portfolio 2. Portfolio 1 is the larger higher risk CFD portfolio with Portfolio 2 as the testing ground for new CFD additions.

CFD Portfolio profit / loss calculations and representations are based on daily / weekly / monthly pricing statistics obtained from my Online Share Trading account (as a registered client of Standard Bank Online Share Trading). 

CFD Profit / Loss Combined Performance Table (Since Acquisition) Last Updated: 24/09/2021 @ 17:00

Top 5 CFDs (JSE Code) Portfolio % % Profit Bottom 5 CFDs (JSE Code) Portfolio % % Profit / Loss
PPC Cement (PPC) 8 435 City Lodge Hotels (CLH) 8 7
MTN Group (MTN) 10 175 Anglo American (ANG) 3 6
Sasol (SOL) 15 128 Grindrod (GND) 4 3,8
Aspen (APN) 7 93 Naspers (NPN) 7 -3.7
Spar (SPP) 5 12 Prosus (PRX) 4 -3.8
AVG Profit % 168 AVG Profit % 3

All listed companies in my CFD portfolio: Investor Information / Relations Website URLs

CFD Portfolio Profit (Since Acquisition) Last Updated: 16/10/2021 @ 17:00

CFD Portfolio % Profit
Portfolio 1 59,7
Portfolio 2 40,4
AVG % 50

Naspers / Prosus and some International Exposure (via Tencent)
Naspers and Prosus (some of the largest listed companies on the JSE by market capitalisation) were added to Portfolio 2 / Prosus to Portfolio 1 during August 2021. I have done this just before their Share Swop and also with the drop in both share prices due to the +- 30% Prosus stake in Tencent (China) that is currently under regulatory scrutiny by the Chinese government.  

With a 45% drop in Tencent shares (since February 2021) I have assessed it as a good opportunity for adding Prosus CFDs to both my sub-portfolios. Prosus has a primary listing on Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX:PRX) and with its substantial stake in Tencent - which in turn owns large stakes in non-Chinese companies i.e. Activision Blizzard / Tesla / Spotify / Snap / Sea Limited (listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - provides for exposure in high-growth international companies. Reference

Latest CFD Acquisitions - Anglo American CFDs
After adding both Naspers (NPN) and Prosus (PRX) to both CFD Portfolios during early August 2021, I also added Anglo American (AGL) to Portfolio 2. As a constituent of the General Mining JSE Sector / Basic Materials of the SATRIX TOP 40 ETF composition, Anglo American provides good (global) diversification exposure in coal (metallurgical / thermal), copper, diamonds, iron ore, nickel, manganese, platinum and polyhalite. Reference

Additional CFD Acquisitions - MR Price CFDs (last trading week of September 2021) 
With a 12% drop in the Mr Price JSE Share price over the last month (8% over the last 3 months) I've added additional MR Price (MRP) CFDs to both my CFD Portfolios.

Disclaimer: I only manage my own CFD / Global Share / Unit Trust Portfolios and under no circumstances make recommendations on the Purchase / Selling of any JSE / Global Shares / CFDs / Other Derivatives. Please see my note on CFD Trading Risk.

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