01 July 2022

About Mental Health and Motivation

Mental Health and Motivation: Vernon Chalmers (Website Owner / Administrator)

About Mental Health and Motivation : Vernon Chalmers

"I can only be responsible for my own behaviour and character, either in relationship with others and / or when I am on my own." — Vernon Chalmers

The Mental Health and Motivation website is the reflections of Vernon Chalmers articulating his views, interpretations (and the sharing of associated resources) of various inter / intra personal motivational experiences with reference to Emotional Well Being, Psychology, Grief, Trauma and Sense of Self.

Mental Health and Motivation Website Purpose and Objectives
  • The journaling of personal experiences, interpretations, thoughts and events which had a significant influence on my personal decision-making, emotional and social well being.
  • Overview of my 'left brain' academic education and training career and the journey / transition to a more 'right brain' creative education, training and development environment.  
  • The publishing and sequential indexing of my own abusive relationship aftermath articles created during an 18-month trauma recovery period.
  • Development of a 'Mental Health Healing Process' for assisting me with my own recovery from narcissistic abuse and unhealthy relationship.
  • Collecting and structuring of mental health, motivation and relationship resources for the research of human (relationship) behaviour (and psychopathology).       
  • Sharing of mental health, motivation and relationship resources with anyone requiring insight and / or assistance learning more about abuse, domestic violence and associated trauma.
  • Foundation for my own interest, international shared interest and continuous research in adult motivation, abuse, addiction and trauma-related recovery and / or treatment strategies. 

Mental Health and Motivational Journaling Experience
Through a reflective, motivational and therapeutic (online) journaling experience, mainly as a result from a recent defunct abusive relationship, I started documenting some of my relationship experiences and perpetual racing thoughts. Before journaling I tried a few 'short-term non-therapeutic solutions', but nothing would calm the random onslaught of the PTSD-like symptoms down. What eventually did work was many hours of solitude, reading and researching various mental health / psychology resources. Eventually, after more than a year, knowledge, time and journaling turned into a conscientious Portfolio of Choice. Writing and reading my own state of mind became my daily therapy.  

Vernon Chalmers Relationship Abuse Recovery Article Index >>

During the past 18 moths I have created a substantial mental health, psychology and relationship resources list which I share with my readers. These are resources that I have read, studied and / or researched, either during my tertiary education, out of general interest or out of necessity for assisting me with a comprehensive understanding of human (relationship) behaviour (and contemporary psychopathology).

The description(s) of love, loss and grief, are my own interpretations and experiences throughout my life - either through people close to me that I have lost along the way - grieving their unconditional love or significant other(s) that I have lost through their conditional expectations, intolerable abusive behaviour and / or unfortunate emotional disconnect.

Ten years ago I made a formal transition from a mainly 'left-brain' analytical working / lecturing environment orientation to a predominantly more 'right-brain' creative / educational working environment orientation. I am still 'keeping my promise' for educating and training others (in photography / related research) when the demand and opportunities are there. Moving from left brain to right brain    

Abusive Behaviour / Antisocial Traits: Disclaimer and Reference
References to any abusive behaviour  / antisocial traits mentioned anywhere on the "Mental Health and Motivation' website (as Vernon Chalmers articles) are not specifically directed to disrespect or being vindictive against anyone. It is rather a reference to certain actions / reactions that were identified, experienced and expressed (by me) as unacceptable behavioural manifestations through physical, psychological and / or verbal abuse intended to harm me, either intentionally or unintentionally against my physical self, my character, integrity and personal values. 

Personal Interest in Motivation and Psychology (Theory and Application)
Over the years I have studied / facilitated / read the (intrinsic) motivational theories of Herzberg, Maslow, McClelland, Skinner and Vroom and the psychoanalytical approaches of Frankl, Freud, Hare, Jung, Kernberg, Klein, Kohut and Miller. I'm particularly interested in Otto Kernberg's psychoanalytical perspectives (with specific reference to borderline personality organisation, narcissistic pathology and object relations theory). 

During 2020 I was introduced to the contemporary Compassionate Inquiry practice by Dr. Gabor Maté - renowned international addiction and trauma expert - for his psychotherapeutic approach towards a pragmatic understanding of (the intrapersonal relationship between) addiction and trauma.

Free Promotion and Placement of relevant Psychology and Relationship Support Resources
Interested authors, life coaches, mental health practitioners / advocates, publishers and / or organisations are welcome to consider a no-cost promotion and publication of related international mental heath resources (new books / workbooks  / articles / article URL links / media releases / statistics) on this website. 

I will consider each request individually in evaluating the opportunity for both the external publisher and the active Mental Health and Motivation reader market for possible publication. More information

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