01 January 2022

Psychology and Relationship Resources

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"A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams, or your dignity."  Dinkar Kalotra 

Books and Online Resources that have assisted me over the years with not only my (academic) interest in Psychology and Sociology, but also dealing with the challenges of Love, Loss, (Abusive) Relationships, deeper understanding of Personality Disorder Traits and Sense of Self.

The Psychology and Relationship Resources section is a dynamic and informative listing of an extensive range of self and relationship management guidelines.

Updated Psychology and Relationship Resources 2022
The extensive resources and guidelines are now inclusive of many new Psychology and Relationship online article links and / or downloadable PDF documents. I have included a wide range of article links for assisting anyone searching for free reputable online relationship management and / or personal trauma resources.    

Abuse | Domestic Violence and Trauma >>
Domestic and Relationship Violence : Abuse and Violence against Men and Women (and Trauma Bonds)

Personal Boundaries and Relationship Codependency: Relationship / Self Control

Cognitive Dissonance >>
Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships : Understand your Own Conflicting Attitudes, Beliefs and Values 

Emotional Intelligence : Understanding Your Own and the Emotions of Others. Toxic Emotions

Compassion, Empathy and Love : Understanding and Managing Respectful Relationships

Fear and Anxiety>>
Fear and Anxiety : Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in Relationships (and Self)

Forgiveness >>
Forgiveness : How to Forgive Others and Self (after Traumatic Relationships / Behaviour)

Gratitude : Importance of Being Thankful and to Appreciate Goodwill. Lack of Gratitude

Grief and Loss : Coping and Understanding Loss / Losing Love. Anticipating and Coping with Loss

Healing and Growth : Letting Go of the Past. Healing and Freedom after an Abuse Relationship

Meditation and Mindfulness Resources : Living In The Present Moment

Motivation and Positive Mindset : Skills Development for Self-Motivation

Neuropsychology >>
Neuropsychology : Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Brain, Mind and Society

Personal Focus and Self-Improvement >>
Personal Well-Being Development. Self-focus, Healthy Habits and Personal Growth

Psychology and Psychopathology : Personality Disorder Traits / Personality Disorders

Relaxation and Stress Release >>
Relaxation and Stress Release. Learn to Manage Stress. Relaxing Mind and Body

Relationship Communication >>
Relationship Communication : Improving Relationship Communication Skills

Relationship Depression >>
Relationship Depression : Management of Relationship Depression

Relationship Management >>
Relationship Management : Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Relationship Red Flags >>
Red Flags in Intimate (and Abusive) Relationships : Relationship Behaviour Warning Signs
Relationship Sociology >>
Relationship Sociology : Social Relations in Maintaining (Self) Satisfaction

Relationship Trust >>
Importance of Trust : Building Trust in Relationships. Healthy Relationships
Stress Management | Relationship Stress >>
Stress Management : How to Cope with Stress. Relationship Stress and Anxiety

Stop Addiction and Bad Habits >>
Addiction : Bad Habits. How to Break the Cycle. Break Free from Addiction

Substance | Alcohol Abuse >>
Substance Abuse : Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Anxiety, Detoxification and Withdrawal

Support Groups | Discussion Forums >>
Global Support Groups : Discussion Forums for Family Members, Partners and Friends


Online Share Trading and Investment Resources
Online Share Trading and Investment Resources

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